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In English - International cooperation

International cooperation will contribute to strengthening and further developing the work within the different areas of Region Östergötland.


Sharing experiences with regions in other countries generates new insights which increase knowledge and provide inspiration in the development process. By participating in international projects, co-financed by the EU, gives Region Östergötland an opportunity to realize already planned development initiatives. It also increases the effectiveness of the region’s work. The international perspective should be an integrated part of the region’s work, and the aim is that all the units in the region will regularly participate in some kind of international exchange.


Region Östergötland is engaged in a number of activities in the international arena. The region manages and participates in a wide range of international projects, and is also part of different international networks and organizations within prioritized areas. Region Östergötland`s EU office in Brussels works with external monitoring and cooperates with the EU institutions and with other regions in Europe. Baltic Sea issues are specifically prioritized. Region Östergötland actively participates in the Baltic Sea Cooperation and implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Region Östergötland is also responsible for one of the two Swedish so/- called Contact Points for EU cross-border Central Baltic Programme within the 2014 -2020 programme period.

Policy governance

The Regional Executive Committee has the overall strategic responsibility for the area of international cooperation. The Regional Development Committee, Transport and Urban Planning Committee and Health Care Committee have the responsibility for international cooperation within their respective areas.


Anna Lindberg
Anna LindbergEnhetschef (Head of Unit)Enheten för internationell samverkan